Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust Mission

The mission of the Trust is to make sure classic yachts are sailed and seen. We believe this is the best way to make them desired and preserved as part of our cultural heritage. One of our goals is to develop a strong brand for classical yachting in Scandinavia.
Scandinanvian Classic Yacht Trust is a non-profit business organization promoting classic yachting, organizing events and regattas. The events are geared to attract large audiences with races and parades easily viewed from the shore. 

Board of Directors 2017

Members of the Trust's Board of Directors are Olle Appelberg and Ingmar Bergman, Stockholm, Markus Blomquist, Turku, Finland, and Kim Weckström, Helsinki.
Markus Blomquist is the Chairman of the Board.
Andrew Thornhill, QC, London, Feargus Bryan, Nice, Vladimir Ivankiv, Saint Petersburg, Peder af Geijerstam Lindberg, Geneva and Fredrich Dahlman, Zurich are Honorary Directors of the Board. Ambassador Henrik Salander is the patron of SCYT.