Invitation Baltic Classic Master Cup


Take a look at the wonderful classic regattas at Stockholm, Turku, Finland, Helsinki and Sandhamn, Sweden. Come and join us in the races for the Baltic Classic Master Cup!

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SK150 Beatrice Aurore in the Sandhamn Regatta

Baltic Classic Circuit back again in 2017 with four international regattas


The Baltic Classic Master Cup 2017 will be a circuit again with four international regattas in Sweden and Finland, two in each country. The cup  started in 2010 as a multievent circut but the format was too ambitious and the turnout dwindled with just a handful of yachts participating in more than one or two regattas. Now, after two very successful single-event classic regattas with 30 yachts racing in Turku, Finland, in 2015 and 35 at Sandhamn, Sweden in 2016, SCYT and three yachts clubs have now decided to relaunch the Baltic Classic Circuit in 2017.
The clubs are the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS, Airisto Yacht Club, ASS, in Turku, Finland, and Helsinki Yacht Club, HSS, in Finland

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30 sq m Pani winner of the 2016 Baltic Classic Master Cup

Swedish yachts took top nine positions in Baltic Classic Masters


Baltic Classic Masters at Sandhamn in August became a primarily Swedish racing affair with 27 Swedish yachts, three Finnish, one Russian, one Belgian and one British. The 30 sq m Pani won, with 75 sq m Trumph second and 95 sq m Marga third. The best visiting yacht was Russian L6 offshore cruiser Nika, who finished 10th. The best Finnish yacht was offshore cruiser Kersti.

Nevertheless, the Baltic Classic Masters had the best turnout ever with 33 yachts  participating. Unfortunately, an additional two Finnish yachts could not make it to Sandhamn because of gale-force winds preceeding the event. Fortunately 8mR Vågspel and 10mR Kitty had crossed in good time and contributed together with Kersti, Varen (UK) and Nika to give the event an international athmospere of fun and racing, which was very much appreciated by all and not the least the organizing yacht club KSSS and Sail Yacht Society of Sweden.

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Glass pitchers for the winners

In addtion to the GL Watson Challenge Trophy the contenders in the Baltic Classic Master Cup will now also race for three glass pitchers designed by the classic sailor and glass designer Lars Sestervik. The three top yachts in the cup will each receive one of Sestervik's engraved pitchers. They are called "10 degrees" and we think you can figure out why.

Photo: Studio Kukka

Puckie skipper and Airisto Commodor elected chairman of SCYT

Markus Blomquist has been appointed chairman of Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust, SCYT. He is the commodor of Airisto Segelsällskap in Turku, Finland, where he has also been a vice commodor and headed up the junior sailing program. Markus sails 6mR Puckie (Yngve Holm 1926) and the nauticat Anacat. He is also a member of Kongelig Norsk Seilforening (the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club).
Markus is the president of FP-Pigments, an international company with sales in 60 countries and production in Finland, Germany, the US and Japan.

Photo: Olle Appelberg

Captain in water and sky appointed to SCYT board

Ingmar Bergman has been appointed to the board of directors of Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust, SCYT. Ingmar is a skipper and part owner of 10mR Itaka. In 2010 Itaka was the first yacht to win the Baltic Classic Master Cup and last year Itaka took home Classic Yacht Cup Sweden. Itaka has raced the HSS Champagne Regatta in Helsinki at a couple of occasions and Ingmar has clearly demonstrated that he supports the mission of SCYT, i e to promote international classic yacht racing in the Baltic Sea.
He is a pilot by profession and spent 30 of 34 years with TUI Nordic as a captain. After that he went back to university and graduated as a psychotherapist and his specialty is aviophobia, patients with a fear of flying.

Design: Berndt Ehn

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Widstrands Varv AB

Spantfabriken AB

Dahlman and Lindberg honorary directors

Fredrich Dahlman and Peder af Geijerstam Lindberg have been appointed honorary directors of SCYT. Dahlman is one of the founders of SCYT and has served on the board since the start in 2009. Until recently he was the chairman of the organization. Peder af Geijerstam Lindberg also served on the board for several years. We thank them for their dedicated work for SCYT. Fredrich is the owner and skipper of 6mR Fågel Blå and Peder has the offshore cruiser Vagabonde.